Iteaduino Plus – ARM Cortex-A8 Dev-Platform

ITEAD studio is based in Shenzhen, China, which is located with China’s biggest electronics market as well as one of the most integrated electronic supply chains in the world. A vast number of exciting and innovative products are designed, sourced and manufactured around us every day.
In electronics the big picture is usually more compelling than the nuts and bolts of electronic design. To make innovation easier, we offer various modules and development platforms to accelerate the development process and to reduce barriers to entry and to soften those steep learning curves.
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We innovatively integrate main control, memory and power supply circuit into design of a CORE board, and the entire system can run up only with a stable 5V power supply. There are simple pin breakouts on the baseboard, a variety of interfaces can be expanded into sockets. As a result, after you have completed your development with Iteaduino Plus, you can design a dedicated baseboard for the CORE according to your needs and then apply it to your project.
Iteaduino Plus – ARM Cortex-A8 Dev-Platform
The CORE module integrates an ARM Cortex-A8 core processor, 1G DDR3 SRRAM with power circuit of the entire system- including lithium battery charging circuit. Pins of A10 chip are expanded to the both sides of the module, users can use the core board directly as a module or CPU. The design of baseboard is quite simple, you only need to break out the pins to the corresponding socket or connect them to the corresponding circuit without need for design of complex multiple high-speed circuit board.

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