iSticky Server is listening to your Arduino project

We had been hunting for the right tool for a while and I Sticky was exactly what we needed! It‘s a really simple way to leave sticky notes on fellow team-mates‘ desktops and coordinate to-do lists. The most important thing is that we don‘t need to open a web page or other app, which is exactly where most to-do coordination tools trip up.

We simply love it!
We introduce I Sticky 1.0 for iOS and I Sticky 4.0 for OS X, a Productivity app that stores user’s notes on I Stick’s Cloud server for easy access on multiple devices. The new release for iOS integrates with the OS X version, supports push notifications, allows users to create note lists, share lists with other users, specify list permissions, encrypt note lists, and send notes to other users.
I Sticky lets users send an infinite number of sticky notes to themselves and others, providing a quick, real-time solution for sending important information like reminders, updates, directions, meeting times, dinner plans, meet-up changes, or any other individual or group note. I Sticky provides a fast and organized way to send notes, at home, in school, on the road, or in the office.
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