Interactive Cylindrical Cube Using Arduino

Interactive Cylindrical Cube (1)

This is a creative cylindrical LED cube with proximity sensing by infrared led and photo-transistors. Interactive Cylindrical Cube includes: 8X8 royal blue LEDs, 12 infrared LEDs, 16 photo-transistors and all of them are bent & formed a cylindrical shape.

Interactive Cylindrical Cube (1)














Please see video below when this interactive cylindrical cube is used as flowerpot.

Step 1: Bill of MaterialBill of Material (4)

Step 2: Project SchematicProject Schematic (1)







You can download high resolution version at link: Interactive Cylindrical Cube Schematic

Step 3: Assembly and Soldering

  • Cylindrical cube arrangement:

Assembly and Soldering (1)












Let see the picture above to understand how to arrange Leds – Phototransistors – Infrared Leds.

– Yellow row: photo-transistors (x16 pcs), Common – Collector type with with RE ~ 10Kohm.

– Green color: infrared Leds (x12 pcs), connect to 5V with current limit resistor 100 ~ 150 ohm.

– White color: royal blue LED (x64 pcs), with current limit resistor 100 ohm.

  • Build a cylindrical led 8×8:

In order to arrange leds in cylindrical form, I used a flat wooden template with LED spacing 20mm. And after all leds were soldered, I bent them to a cylindrical shape of 50mm inside diameter and 80mm outside diameter.

cylindrical led












TIP: I used a PVC pipe with 50mm diameter and bent it slowly following this shape, then using a wooden template to fix the first column of leds while soldering last column and first column together.

  • Build IR led and photo-transistors circuit:

Picture below is shown how to solder IR leds & photo-transistor circuit. I reused the led’s wooden template to arrange the IR leds (white led) and photo-transistors (look like black led), note that 4 analog output pins of the photo-transistors should be arranged cleverly.

Soldering cylindrical led and IR led – phototransistors to DIY Prototype PCB base.

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