Innovative Vacuum Tube: the Nutube

KORG INC and Noritake Co., Limited are proud to announce the successful development of the ground breaking technology, Nu tube, a new miniaturized and high performance tube. In cooperation with Noritake Iron Corporation, KORG INC. has developed the Nu tube to offer incredible reliability and efficiency while still generating the same rich harmonics which vacuum tubes are known for. The Nu tube 6P1 featuring this innovation will be on display at the Korg USA Winter NAMM Booth.
KORG has used vacuum tubes for many years in products such as VOX-branded guitar amps and effect units, KORG-branded dance/DJ products such as the electribe MX/SX and keyboards such as the SV-1. Vacuum tubes have played a major role in shaping the sound of VOX and KORG products, and have been a crucial element in their distinctive character. As with previous vacuum tubes, this newly-developed Nu tube is structured with an anode, grid, and filament, and operates as a complete triode tube, generating the same rich harmonics that are distinctive of conventional vacuum tubes. By applying technology from Noritake Co., Limited’s vacuum fluorescent displays, the structure of the vacuum tube has been modified, dramatically reducing its size and allowing it to consume less power. Production is carried out at the cutting-edge Japanese production facility of Noritake Itron, a subsidiary of Noritake Co., Limited., significantly raising the product quality in comparison to previous vacuum tubes by boasting the following features: – See more at:
Innovative Vacuum Tube the Nutube


  • Power Consumption:
    Miniaturization dramatically reduces power consumption, allowing the Nu tube to operate using less than 2% of power required by conventional vacuum tubes and making it easy to power the unit on batteries.
  • Compact.:
    The Nu tube occupies less than 30% of the volume of a conventional vacuum tube. Its small size and low thermal output allows it to be easily mounted directly on a high-density circuit board without using a socket
  • High reliability and long life.:
    The unique design and state of the art Japanese production facility ensures the Nu tubes are built to the highest standard and offer up to 30,000 hours of continuous operating life. The high reliability means that it can be attached directly to the circuit board with confidence knowing that it will not need to be replaced regularly like a 12AX7.


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