Innovative inline USB power analyzer

This is a first in a series of stories called “Evolution of an idea” showing how a good idea got its start and evolved into a viable product in the electronics industry. I would ask our faithful EDN readers to comment on this series idea and if there is a good positive response which views this as something useful and educational to our readers, then I would like to continue with more interesting and innovative stories like this.
I was recently alerted to an innovative new product called the Port Pilot in a comment to an article on EDN.
Innovative inline USB power analyzer
Port Pilot Pro is an inline USB power analyzer, designed by J. Loren Pass more. Pass more describes himself as “an entrepreneur who consults with companies in a variety of industries to envision innovative products and speed their path to market.
Pass more grew up tinkering with electronics at an early age like most of us did. He studied physics and engineering at Swarthmore College and after receiving his degree, moved on to hardware and software system development. Working in a variety of engineering and management roles at startups and large companies, Pass more has seen firsthand how having the right tools for the job can be critical for getting a product to market on time.

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