iBreathe, A Breathalyzer Based on Hexiwear

Knowing the amount of alcohol you drunk is becoming easier using the I Breathe Breathalyzer project by Dave Clarke. You just have to blow in the alcohol sensor, then it pings the result to a smartphone app and to the cloud to document it as a table so you can see alcohol intake through time.
This Breathalyzer with a custom Beer mug casing will let you know where do you stand on the scale form “Sober as a judge” to “Hangover incoming”!
Below the (foamy) surface, it has substance too: along the 3D-printed casing, it features an Alcohol click sensor hacked to work with 3.3V, a customized Hexiwear interface, and a smartphone app.
I Breathe Breathalyzer took place at Hackster.ioHexiwear: The Do-Anything Device! contest in partnerships with NXP, Auto Desk, Mouser, Mikro Elektronika, and ARM m bed. Amazing prizes like Oculus Rift and JD humanoid robotic kit will be awarded to 6 winners.
iBreathe, A Breathalyzer Based on Hexiwear
Developed by Mikro Elektronika, Hexiwear platform combines the style and usability found in high-end consumer devices, with the functionality and expandability of sophisticated engineering development platforms, making Hexiwear the ideal form factor for the IoT edge node and wearable markets. It is completely open-source and developed in partnership with NXP.
This contest emphasizes the role of Hexiwear as the foundation for future IoT inventions. This powerful IoT development kit is a small and sleek, low-power device packed with sensors to quantify yourself and the world around you. Wirelessly enabled, it can connect both to devices nearby – or to cloud servers far away. With Hexiwear you can create your own smart watch, remote sensor tag, or sophisticated home controller. Plus, it comes with preloaded apps to give you a fast start.

In order to build this project you will need:

For software development you need access to these platforms ( iOS compatible)

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