How to burn or program PIC Microcontroller?

burn or program

This DIY PIC programmer is a continuation of our PIC programming basics tutorial. By using this USB PIC programmer, you can program microchip PIC series of 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F, 24F, 30F. This is also an EEPROM programmer as it supports 12Cxx EEPROM. The main component of this PIC microcontroller programming circuit is a PIC182550 microcontroller which controls the overall circuit. Serial port PIC programmers are the widely used PIC chip programmer Kit, but since laptops have no RS232 ports they require an USB to RS232 converter.

burn or program

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Now one of the main advantages of this circuit is that it does not require any external power supply, instead it uses USB power. It generates programming voltage of 13V through voltage multipliers. Linux PIC programmer software is also available for burning. You can program micro controller like pic16f84a, pic16f877a, pic18f4550, pic16f628a etc. and make your micro controller programming easier.

Circuit diagram of PIC Chip ProgrammerCircuit diagram of PIC Chip Programmer

Components Required

  1. Microcontroller PIC 18F2550
  2. Transistor (BC548-2Nos, BC547, BC557)
  3. Diode IN4148(6Nos)
  4. Resistor(IK-7Nos, 100K, 470-2Nos, 1M, 470K, 330-3Nos)
  5. Capacitor(0.01uF-3Nos,2.2uF-2Nos, 10uF, 22pf-2Nos)
  6. Crystal 8MHz
  7. USB Connector
  8. 5-Pin Header (2Nos)

Step by Step procedure

  • PIC 18F2550 has an inbuilt USB port which makes PC interfacing much easier.
  • First a firmware should be burnt to PIC 18F2550 using any PIC programmer and then connect the jumper as in the circuit diagram.
  • The jumper connection decides the mode of the programmer, i.e. boot loader mode or programmer mode. Boot loader is used to upgrade your firmware and programmer mode is to burn the PIC microchip.
  • Next we need software to burn our PIC, USB PIC Prog is suitable for this hardware. Download USB PIC Programmer Software from the following link

File Name: x86 (32 Bit) USB_PIC_Programmer_Software_USB_PIC_Prog.rar

x64 (64 bit) USB_PIC_Programmer_Softwarex64

Now connect the circuit to the USB port of your PC and open hex file to PIC programmer software.

  • Connect any PIC microchip through the ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) Header, it include VPP, VDD, PGD, PGC, GND.

Components Pin OutComponents Pin Out

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