Homemade Battery Monitor Using AVR Using Atmega

Homemad Battery Monitor

Homemad Battery Monitor













I want to share my experiment with voltage divider, ADC and AVR
Homemade battery monitor using AVR
It’s pretty simple the sensor are only two resistors and zener diode with capasitor, I don’t buy them, I’ve found it in my box.
We can use it for monitoring our car battery voltage.

Step 1: The Part I Used

The Part I Used













2.10K and 56K resistors as a voltage divider
3. 5V1 Zener diode
4.  1uF Caps,
5. 16×2 LCD
6.    3 wires to connect the sensor into ADC

Let’s continue to the code

Step 2: The Code and Atmel Studio

code and Atmel studio

Guys, the main key for this experiment is ADC and calculation,
you can calibrate first with 5V from 7805

Step 3: Let’s Enjoy My Home Made Battery Monitor

battery monitor

Let’s enjoy my home made battery monitor

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