GSM Based Intruder Alerting System Using Atmega


Did you know that most of the thefts at home happen when it is empty? But not everyone is rich enough to hire a security for their house and at the same time they themselves cannot be at home 24×7. Now what if there is a system which alerts you about an intruder through a text message? The following tutorial discusses how to make you own intruder alerting system.


Components Required
1.     PIR Sensor
2.     ATMega16 Development board
3.     LCD board
4.     SIM 300/900 GSM Module
5.     12V/2A Power Supply
6.     SIM card with balance (or at least message offer maybe)
7.     A PC or a Laptop (Optional. Needed in case of debugging)

GSM schematic

Initial Setup and Testing of GSM modem
If you are already familiar with a GSM Modem then you may skip this step. This part of the tutorial is for the beginners.
Once you have connected the modem and PC, you can open your default serial communication software on your PC and start sending AT commands to the modem and observing its replies.

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