GSM Based AC Appliance Control Using Atmega

GSM Based AC Appliance Control

This project would show you how to control an AC appliance remotely from anywhere using your mobile phone. This kind of project is useful in various applications. Say for example a farmer can switch ON or OFF the motor pump present near his field remotely. In this way he need not travel all the way to the field to control it, especially at night times.
Components Required
1.     ATMega16 Development board
2.     LCD board

GSM Based AC Appliance Control

3.     SIM 300/900 GSM Module
4.     12V/2A Power Supply
5.     SIM card with balance (or at least message offer maybe)
6.     SPDT Relay Switch
7.     Transistor BC547
8.     Diode 1N4007

GSM Based AC Appliance Control schematic

9.     10k Resistor
10.   A PC or a Laptop (Optional. Needed in case of debugging)
Initial Setup
See my previous tutorial “GSM BASED INTRUDER ALERTER” if you are using the GSM modem for the first time.

About Relays

The switches at our home need to be operated manually by hand or “mechanically triggered” in order to work. If we need to control the switch using a microcontroller which does nothing but produces 5V or 0V at its output pins then we would require extra mechanical arrangements like a servo with an arm, to press the switch. Instead of building such complicated arrangements we can go with a relay. These can directly be controlled by electrical means.

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