This project is named “Engadino” after Engadin – ski resort in Switzerland. The reason for this is that I live in Switzerland, I like skiing and the name is easy to remember and pronounce. By itself the project is a clone of “Pinguino“.
“Pin guano is an Arduino-like electronics prototyping platform. It supports different 8- and 32-bit ©Microchip microcontrollers, all with built-in USB module (no FTDI chip !).
Pin guano comes with a USB Boot loader. This small program running inside the microcontroller is responsible for transferring your application from your PC to the microcontroller memory and handing over the control to this program afterwards.
No programmer is needed(*), the microcontroller can be reprogrammed over USB with a PC.
Pin guano boards can be used of different ways depending on your skills :
with the Pin guano IDE and the Pin guano Language (based on C and almost compatible with Arduino language)
with our own 32-bit MIPS-elf GCC tool chain (C/C++) or 8-bit SDCC/G Putils tool chain (C only)
with ©Microchip ©MPLAB X IDE tool chain
Pin guano is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which gives everyone the ability to write, compile and upload programs on a Pin guano board.
Pin guano Language is almost compatible with Arduino’s Language, Libraries and Shields.
It makes you write easily your application without spending hours learning pragma, configuration bits or command line compiler.

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