Elektro Automatik power supplies will manage even kiloWatts

Programmable DC, AC, current and high-voltage power supplies, electronic loads, UPS, inverters and chargers of low and high power – it is Elektro Automatik.
Common laboratory and testing power supplies can be found in an offer of many producers. However, when we need power supplies (including AC), electronic loads, UPS and other components for power supply and testing, which are able to handle tens and also hundreds of Amperes and power of tens to thousands of Watts, it is the right occasion to look at products of German company Elektro Automatik.

Advantages / Features:

  1. high power DC and AC power supplies, UPS, chargers and other components for power supply
  2. many devices are programmable and connectable to standard industrial buses
  3. tens to hundreds of Amperes
  4. tens to thousands of kW
  5. German company with almost 40-year experience
  6. own development and production capacities
  7. possibility of custom modification

In a production portfolio of this company specialized for development and production of devices and systems for power supplying, we can found many components ideal for usage in production and for testing workplaces – for example adjustable DC and AC power supplies, current sources and electronic loads, etc. Many devices are programmable, that´s why they are capable of simulation of conditions in a real operation and they´re also connectable to some of common buses like CAN open, Profi bus, ProfiNet, Device Net, Modbus, Ethernet and also RS232.
Elektro-Automatik-power-supplies-will-manage-even-kiloWattsA comprehensive overview about these sophisticated products can be found in the Elektro Automatik catalogue (13 MB). Very interesting for laboratories and testing workplaces can be for example the EA-3048-B (35320148) power supply with 0-30VAC 5A, 0-30VDC 5A output, with a budgetary price of approx. 320 Eur.

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