Electronic Sensors Breakout Kit

With this campaign we wanted to bring you a useful set of different sensor breakout boards as well as a few interface boards at a very reasonable cost. This 103 x 67 mm fully assembled board brings you 6 different sensors and 3 different interface modules that are easily separated from each other.
The development of this kit was triggered one day when I needed to have a breakout board for an electronic barometer. As it turned out I needed a few other small boards to make everything interface the way I wanted it to. I was slightly shocked when the sum of the modules ended up over $200 and that was before shipping was added. Anyway this episode started me thinking about making a small kit with useful breakout modules priced so that you can afford to buy them all without feeling robbed.
Electronic Sensors Breakout Kit
The functions that I chose to include are as follows:

  1. ADXL345 Accelerometer (Sensor Module)
  2. Microphone Input module (Sensor Module)
  3. DHT22 Moist / Temperature sensor (Sensor Module)
  4. TEMT6000 Light Intensity sensor (Sensor Module)
  5. A1301 Hall Effect sensor (Sensor Module)
  6. BMP085 Barometric / Temperature sensor (Sensor Module)
  7. 8 Channel 5V<->3.3V Bidirectional Level translator (Interface Module)
  8. 16 Channel 12-bit PWM generator (Interface Module)
  9. 8 Channel I2C I/O Port expander (Interface Module)

They all use a unified hardware interface (The Sweet Pea Breakout bus) that makes it easy to connect them to any existing or new Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Cube board or any other type of embedded system. Want to go into deeper detail of the modules ? There is much more information about the sensor kit on our wiki page.
With this project we aim to help hardware engineers, schools, Coder Dojo’s, tinkerers and makers, kids, pro’s and everyone else that need to have a good set of breakout sensors to play with. Better yet, all drawings will be released under the TAPR Open Hardware License which will allow beginners, and pro’s for that matter, to create new fantastic inventions for them selves. Read more about the license at www.tapr.org/ohl

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