e-Gnosis chip

The bottom line: We’re looking for a large enough market to justify manufacturing setup and regulatory costs where consumers would be prepared to pay $15+ per test. The unique features to exploit are multiplexing of dozens of quantities tests combined with rapid & simple point-of-care use with minimal sample prep – carefully check out the full comparison to competing methods in the table below.
The vast majority of biosensors today are based on some form of optical readout to get the  results you want. You usually have a choice between inexpensive (but non-quantitative) methods such as lateral flow tests (e.g. pregnancy tests), which just show you a blue line if positive, or more sensitive tests that can tell you how much of the analyze is present using specialized optical equipment.
e-Gnosis chipThese quantitative tests generally require several extra wash steps and additional reagents and are carried out by labs or on specialized microfluidic or robotic platforms. We wanted to develop a sensitive, quantitative technology that doesn’t require expensive platforms but instead:
And that’s what we’ve done with our e-Gnosis chip! We’re now looking for both attractive markets in the medical diagnostics space or in the potentially much easier to enter consumer space. Please read the “Your mission” section below carefully!

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