Dry Film Solder Mask

This Instruct able is about dry film solder mask, in other words, is the green stuff that is on top of the circuit board.
I like to use smd components in my circuits board because I don’t have a computerized drill machine and do in it by hand for a big boards are really tedious.
Soldering smd components in a copper board without dry solder mask, especially for those little capacitors and resistor of 402 in size, becomes a tough challenge and of course those micro controllers with almost zero space between pins.
Dry Film Solder Mask
So I decided to use the UV curable Ink, sounded very good on those eBay stores with before and after pictures.
I bought a couples of syringes with a success of just one time,  0.1% of my tires worked with a pretty ugly board with an uneven surface an the pads and vias where not square are rounded.
The Ink sometimes cured, other times it didn’t.  Applying the art work is somehow complicated because you have to put it over a wet paint unless you find this miracle tape that is sold in the shipping supplies that is glossy on one side and barely stick to the paint, but not always.
What is for sure is that you are going to get messy and the ink is nothing easy to take out of your hands.
I did a little more research in the web and I found this dry film solder mask,  at least is dry meaning no mess and easy to handle.
I tried and worked wonderfully, no mess, easy, fast and your board looks almost comparable with the professional ones.

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