DIY portable LED strobe

I and my friends like to have fun in summer. We like to fool around with music when we are camping. To make those parties more likely to professional ones I have made portable 9V LED strobe. For my surprise it really gives a big effect. I hope you will like it!
Here is the list of tools you will (mostly) need:
5)knife (or wood carving knife)
6)1, 3, 6 and 7mm drill bits;
7)drill stand or dremel tool;
8)sanding paper;
9)solder or soldering station;
10)lead solder;
DIY portable LED strobeThis project is very simple but there isn’t as much schematics on the internet as I thought it will be. But I’m happy because I found this one. It is really simple and cheap. All the parts (including the case) can be found at local radio shack just for a few dollars. And what is really cool that it can be done in one day!
The heart of this schematic is timer LM555. It generates square impulses which width is regulated by variable resistor or potentiometer (it really doesn’t mater which will be used).
Light board can be made from as many LEDs as you want. Starting from 3 LEDs and increasing by 3 (for example it can be 3, 6, 9, 12.15 and etc.). I have chosen 60 LEDs for brighter light
I have uploaded my schematic and PCB in Eagle and .pdf formats. My main board is really small. You can make it smaller if you use SMD parts but it’s necessary. LED board is 87x57mm size (perfectly fits into my case).

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