Converting from Eagle to KiCad

Converting from Eagle to Ki Cad.

  • Quick Introduction Video
    Recommended video player Firefox 46+ with VLC video player plugin
  • The following 5 ulp (eagle user script file) and one ulp include file, work together or stand alone to convert Eagle sch/pcb version 6.xx(7.xx maybe?) file(s) and any version of Eagle lib(lbr) to Ki Cad sch/pcb and lib/mod files.
  • The Programs will do
    • Eagle mulit sheet sch to Ki Cad mulit sheets.
    • Global and local net labels for mulit sheets.(This is a real nasty bit of hacking!)
    • Mulit part gate’s.
    • Build Ki Cad PCB modules and SCH libs from Eagle SCH.
    • Make project director to store all the converted files.
    • And basic error checking.
    • Eagle 6.xx PCB files can be directly import to Ki Cad.
    • Eagle LBR’s(any version of Eagel libs or size ) can be converted to Ki Cad lib/mod using eagle-lbr2kicad-1.0.ulp see
    • Eagle Lib conversion for more details.
    • Converts Via’s to Pads, which helps with Ki Cad’s flood fill, when Via’s have no connections.
    • Documents fill’s over SMD pad’s on Eagle Layer 155,156
    • Documents on layer’s 150,152,153,154 of (Eagle) the unconnected Via’s and tracks.
    • The examples director contains a number of converted sch’s/board’s.
  • By using the following ulp’s a consistent link from the SCH to PCB is maintained so forward and backward net-list annotations work under Ki Cad!

Converting from Eagle to KiCad


  • Only works correctly for version 4.7, or 5.1.(X?) of Ki Cad, it may not on other version.

  • In Ki Cad Eagle PCB import of vias and tracks don’t retain their NET information if they are not connected to a pad with a track, whereas they do in Eagle, (Ki Cad assigns a null net-name on Eagle PCB import in Ki Cad’s Pcbnew).*
    The result will be Ki Cad flood fill will not connect to them!!! There is an option to convert and document on layers 150,152,153,154 of (Eagle) the unconnected VIAs and tracks which will make finding and fixing the problem much easier.

  • Schematics wire’s/nets can terminate in a bus or onto another wire/net/pad and not be connected in Eagle!! Whereas in Ki Cad schematic wires to wires and wires to pads which terminates at the same location will be connected!!

  • Eagle oval pad shapes are not supported in Ki Cad, you will only end up with a round pad!!

  • Eagle PCB design rules are not imported by Ki Cads Pcb new.


  • Download the zip file, and unzip using your favorite zip program to your target directory OR if your prefer git:

      	git clone  
  • WARNING: The ULPs file-name will conflict with Eagles ULPs file-names so
    DO NOT install them in Eagle’s ULP directory

  • There are 5 ULPs and one ULP include file have been hack together.
    run-me-first-from-eagle-sch.ulp ….. stage 1: Start here, script missing number(s) to parts prefixes.
    fix_via_hack.ulp ………………………… stage 2: Converts unconnected VIAs to pads.
    eagle6xx-sch-to-kicad-sch.ulp …. stage 3: Build sch and project files, etc
    exp-lbrs.ulp ………………………………… stage 4: Extract libs from eagle schematic/PCB
    eagle-lbr2kicad-1.0.ulp……………….. stage 5: Converts Eagle lbr to KiCad lib/mod ………. Include file used by the other 4 ULP\s

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