Circuit Gear Mini CGM-101 Oscilloscope

Sealing Company, Inc. ( has introduced the new CGM-101 Circuit Gear Mini – a unique, low-cost PC-based instrument which provides the features of six devices in one USB-powered compact box: 2-channel 11-bit 2MSa/sec 200kHz oscilloscope, 2-channel spectrum analyzer, 2MSa/s 8-bit arbitrary-waveform/standard-function generator with 8 digital I/O lines.
It also functions as a network analyzer, and a PWM output source – all for less than $100! The oscilloscope and waveform generator can also work together to form a vector network analyzer. The USB interface allows the recording, output and printing of all waveforms or even updating the firmware as new features become available.
The CGM-101 Circuit Gear Miniʼs Oscilloscope capability provides a two-channel 11-bit 20mV/div to 5V/div
(+/-0.25Vp-p to +/-25Vp-p with 1X Probe; +/250Vp-p with 10X Probe) 200kHz basic scope, also offering sophisticated marker measurements, and triggering (normal, auto, single-shot and pre-trigger) with a time-base adjustable from 500ns/division to 20s/division. A 1k sample/channel data buffer allows pre-trigger signal or “strip-chart” viewing. X-Y Plot, spectrum analysis, and waveform math are also included.  The two-channel FFT spectrum analyzer offers marker measurements, and, when used with the internal signal generator, displays Bode plots and performs vector network analysis, showing gain and phase values in real-time.
CircuitGear Mini CGM-101 Oscilloscope
The Circuit Gear CGM-101ʼs Signal Generator is an 8-bit 0Hz to 200kHz signal source, offering sine/square/triangle/saw tooth waveforms to +/-2.75V, as well as being capable of outputting arbitrary or preloaded waveforms like ECGs. Connecting the generator signal to a circuit under test enables measurements with the oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyzer.
The compact (4.6″ x 3.1″ x 0.95″ – 117 x 79 x 24mm) USB port-powered CGM-101 Circuit Gear Mini also offers eight TTL I/O lines for PWM or other uses such as trigger in/out. The visual interface software provided makes control and display of information very intuitive, and users of bench-top instruments will immediately feel comfortable with the on-screen controls. The oscilloscope, generator, and digital I/O are operated from a custom open-source Tcl/Tk software GUI included with the hardware,

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