BC68FB540 — I/O Flash USB 8-Bit MCU with 2.4GHz RF Transceiver

General Description
The device is a Flash Memory I/O with USB type 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontrollers, designed for applications that interface directly to which require an USB interface. Offering users the convenience of Flash Memory multiprogramming features, these devices also include a wide range of functions and features. Other memory includes an area of RAM Data Memory.
Multiple and extremely flexible Timer Modules provide timing, pulse generation and PWM generation functions. Communication with the outside world is catered for by including fully integrated SPI, I2C and USB interface functions, three popular interfaces which provide designers with a means of easy communication with external peripheral hardware. Protective features such as an internal Watchdog Timer, Low Voltage Reset and Low Voltage Detector coupled with excellent noise immunity and ESD protection ensure that reliable operation is maintained in hostile electrical environments. The external interrupt can be triggered with falling edges or both falling and rising edges.
A full choice of three oscillator functions are provided including two fully integrated system oscillators which requires no external components for their implementation. The ability to operate and switch dynamically between a range of operating modes using different clock sources gives users the ability to optimize microcontroller operation and minimize power consumption.
The inclusion of flexible I/O programming features along with many other features ensure that the devices will find specific excellent use in a wide range of application possibilities such as motor driving, industrial control, consumer products, subsystem controllers, etc.
BC68FB540 — I-O Flash USB 8-Bit MCU with 2.4GHz RF TransceiverThe devices are fully supported by the Holtek range of fully functional development and programming tools, providing a means for fast and efficient product development cycles.
CPU Features

  • Operating voltage
    fSYS= 6MHz/12MHz: 3.3V~5.5V
  • Up to 0.33us instruction cycle with 12MHz system clock at VDD = 5V
  • Power down and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption
  • Three oscillators
    – External Crystal — HXT
    – Internal RC — HIRC
    – Internal 32kHz RC — LIRC
  • Internal 12MHz RC OSC with 0.25% accuracy for all USB modes

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