Arduino Controlled Yellow Plane

Currently revising the design to reduce weight and have bigger wing chord base on advise from DIY drones with slightly shorter wings.
 AUW 1521 Grams Wing loading 14.83 oz/ft²  power to weight 270 Watts per Kg should perform much better than Yellow plane one.
I’m changing from the D4023-850 Out Runner Motor to a higher kv TurnigyL3010C-1300kv Tests show significant improvement in static thrust 1700 Grams. I also have a Turnigy D3542/4 1450KV in reserve If I need more grunt, got 2 Kgs from this wee beasty on the test rig.
Arduino Controlled Yellow PlaneI ran the  D4023-850 on a Turnigy dlux 30A SBEC but the Turnigy L3010C-1300kv needs more Amps so I have a H-KING 50A Fixed Wing ESC which seems good at full load only gets warm.

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