An open source,faster,better prototyping standard

The Product:
Sol-X developed the GDB to be the best open source prototyping platform on the market and we intend it to replace the Arduino Uno® as the preferred high-level prototyping environment. It is up to 40x faster, 70% smaller, has integrated high power drivers (capable of handling 12x the current), with more flexible Input / Output configurations, and yet is still much easier to program via 12 Blocks.  Our quick release breakout board (called Ejection Seat™) allows for easy prototyping, yet keeps the GDB form factor small and robust enough to use in space companies’ product releases.
An open source,faster,better prototyping standard
The GDB has been designed to be the first space tolerant open hardware electronic prototyping board, enabling any type of person or company to create space qualified hardware. But while the GDB can help create outer space products, it is not just for space. It’s a powerful and versatile programming board that engineers, artists, designers, and students can use in any project they can imagine. This includes prototypes and first release products involving pressure, light, and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors, high current motors, servos, LED lighting, and many other human/computer interfaces.

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