ABC 123 Toddler Trainer using Arduino

ABC 123 Toddler Trainer

Here is a kid tested and teacher approved trainer for the kids in your family and / or extended family that are learning their ABCs and their 123s.

It was kid tested on my granddaughter, who really loves it, and was approved by my wife, retired school teacher.

In actuality, it is a simple scrolling message box that is capable of producing 2 different messages at the flip of a switch. So if you don’t have a “kiddo” you want to use it with or give it to, then I will explain in the code segment of this Instructable how to speed it up and change the messages.

If you want to see it in action here it is to watch.

ABC…123 Toddler Trainer

ABC 123 Toddler Trainer

Step 1: Parts:

Max7219 8×8 Matrix LED @ $4.00 on eBay x 2

Anarduino An Arduino Compatible 24 DIP model kit @$5.40 on eBay

BreadBoard P.S. Breadboard Power Supply @$1.50 on eBay

Module Wiring Dupont Wire Connector Cables 20cm (female-female) @$1.50 on eBay

Mini SPDT Switch @ 40 cents

2.1mm DC Pwr Jack @ 50 cents

#2 hardware I use ½ inch bolts to mount parts on case. Check out

10K Ohm Resistor 1/8W or 1/4W

Molex Header Item G18974 at Electronic Goldmine @$2.00 / 10

Case enclosure MB-173 at @$3.00

Arduino UNO Used to program ATMEGA328P chip

Shipping is not included in the above price approximations… some are free shipping and others cost. Everything should run about $30 if you had none of it except the UNO to begin with.

Step 2: Programming the ATMEGA328P

Download the ABC 123 Toddler Trainer INO file, connect your computer and program the UNO. Once you’ve programmed the UNO disconnect the USB cable and go on to the next step.

ABC 123 Toddler Trainer

Step 3: Putting it together

The first picture shows the wiring for the Anarduino. I have explained about the Anarduino and how to set it up in my Kitchen Sink Clock Instructable and ask that you refer back to that one if you plan on building this as I did. Just put the ATMEGA328P that you programmed in the last step in the socket of the Anarduino.


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