3A Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Driver

3A TEC Driver Module is a complete power stage solution to drive Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC). The required DC voltage input controls the output current. It consists of the Texas instruments DRV593 power driver IC, along with a few discrete passive components required for operation. It also includes jumpers for configuring the features of the device, LEDs for fault monitoring, and an output filter.
The 4 Pin header connector  for the inputs, 4 pin header connector for  output, and 4 Pin header connector for power supply, provide ease of connection to any system, from an existing design to a bread-boarded prototype. Connect a dc control voltage to CN1 Pin 3 (IN+), ranging from ground to VCC. The Pin 7 of the IC is held to VCC/2 with a resistor voltage divider, as shown in the schematic. Therefore, a dc control voltage of VCC/2 provides 0-V output from PWM to H/C. Input DC voltage range is 1.2V to 3.8V when supply voltage is 5V and 1.2V to 2.1V when supply voltage is 3.3V.

The DRV593 is a high efficiency, high-current power amplifier ideal for driving a wide variety of thermoelectric cooler elements in systems powered with 2.8V to 5.5V. The operation of the device requires only one inductor and capacitor for output filter, saving significant printed-circuit board area. Pulse width modulation (PWM) operation and low output stage on-resistance significantly decrease power dissipation in the amplifier. The IC is internally protected against thermal and current overloads. Logic level fault indicators signal when the junction temperature has reached approximately 128 degree centigrade to allow for system level shutdown before the amplifier’s internal thermal shutdown circuitry activates. The fault indicators also signal when an over current circuitry is tripped, the devices automatically reset. The PWM switching frequency has been set to 500 KHz, this can be changed to 100 KHz by changing capacitor value C2 1nF. The amplifiers gain is at2.3V/V
Note: This board requires DC input voltage to control the TEC temperature, 1.2 V to 3.8 V when using a 5-V supply, and 1.2 V to 2.1 V when using a 3.3-V supply.


  • 3A Maximum Output Current
  • Low Supply Voltage 2.8V To 5.5V
  • Frequency 500 KHz (Refer to Note To change Frequency)
  • High Efficiency Generates Less Heat
  • Over Current and Thermal Protection
  • Fault LED for Over Current, Thermal & Under Voltage Conditions
  • When J3-Jumper is closed, the board is configured for 500-kHz operation.

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