1.2V-25V/10A Adjustable Power Supply Using Power Op-Amp

This is a small size power supply based on OPA549 power op-amp that provides output voltage 1.2V to 25V with 0 to 10A adjustable current limit. Two onboard trimmer potentiometers provided to adjust the voltage and current, LED D1 is over temperature indicator. The circuit works with input supply of 30V DC and logic supply 5V DC. IC requires large size heat sink to work with full 10A current range.
Screw terminals for input and output connections are provided. The OPA549 is a low-cost, high-voltage/high-current operational amplifier ideal for driving a wide variety of loads. This laser-trimmed monolithic integrated circuit provides excellent low-level signal accuracy and high output voltage and current. The OPA549 operates from either single or dual supplies for design flexibility. The input common-mode range extends below the negative supply. The OPA549 is internally protected against over-temperature

conditions and current overloads. In addition, the OPA549 provides an accurate, user-selected current limit. Unlike other designs which use a “power” resistor in series with the output current path, the OPA549 senses the load indirectly. This allows the current limit to be adjusted from 0A to 10A with a resistor/potentiometer, or controlled digitally with a voltage-out or current-out Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). The Enable/Status (E/S) pin provides two functions. It can be monitored to determine if the device is in thermal shutdown, and it can be forced low to disable the output stage and effectively disconnect the load. The OPA549 is available in an 11-lead power package. Its copper tab allows easy mounting to a heat sink for excellent thermal performance. Operation is specified over the extended industrial temperature range, –40°C to +85°C.


  • Input Supply 30V DC
  • Logic Supply 5V DC
  • Output 1.2V to 25V DC
  • Load Current Limit Adjustable 0 To 10A
  • Thermal Shutdown LED Indicator

A programmable source and sink power supply can easily be built using the OPA549. Both the output voltage and output current are user controlled. See Figure 12 for a circuit using potentiometers to adjust the output voltage and current while Figure 13 uses DACs (refer to datasheet). An LED connected to the E/S pin through a logic gate indicates if the OPA549 is in thermal shutdown.


The OPA549’s accurate, user-defined current limit can be set from 0A to 10A by controlling the input to the ILIM pin. Unlike other designs, which use a power resistor in series with the output current path, the OPA549 senses the load indirectly. This allows the current limit to be set with a 0μA to 633μA control signal. In contrast, other designs require a limiting resistor to handle the full output current (up to 10A in this case).
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